On top of everything. super responsive. Excellent advice. Best I have ever worked with. No question she was looking out for us and not just trying to make a sale. highly recommended!

-Dawn and Thomas

Martina was very helpful from the first time I talked to her. She was always on top of things and was on time. Martina was always willing to go above and beyond with us. Being first time home buyers we really had no idea what we were doing, Martina was very knowledgable and guided us through the process. I would recommend her to anyone that plans on buying a home.


We were selling a family home that was 50 plus years old to care for a family member. The home was in dire need of renovation and updating. It could not go on the market as it was. Our problem was that we had little to no money and only our own limited skills to get this house in condition ( it was   very bad) for sale while getting as much out of the sale as possible. A friend recommended that we contact their realtor Martina and ask her advise, they praised her willingness to help, her extensive knowledge and they just knew she would look at the house and guide us in the right direction. They could have not been more right. Upon contact, Martina immediately met us at the home, she listened to our story and even more important to us, we could see that she cared about our story, she understood that we needed maximum sale price with little to no cash input, so she rolled up her sleeves and spent hours going through that house and telling us item by item what we could do based on our limited set of skills to achieve the best results and get the best sale price. I have to point out that at the time she was doing this we had signed no contract with her, she just did this to help us. Well we listened to what she said and began working, it took a long time, 2 years in fact. Periodically we would call her and ask her advise about something we encountered and she would tell us what she thought we should do, she was always encouraging and she always reminded us to call her if we needed her. Through this time she still had no obligation to us, no contract, she never even asked if we were going to list with her ( of course we knew we were) but she never asked, she was just helping. The big day arrived when we had done all we could do and we promptly called Martina. She was very pleased with the house, she gave us a couple more things to do to maximize profit and told us we were ready to list! Of course we signed a contract with her to sell. She showed us how she was going to aggressively market the house, she knew time was of the essence for us.  This is where the fun begins!!!! Before I got home that day she had shown the house twice and within days she was receiving an offer, in fact we received a couple! There was a parade of people through that house. She constantly updated us, I mean multiple time daily, she took all of our calls to ask questions or just because we were excited, and there were many. At first we were nervous, we had encountered other realtors who painted a dismal prospect of a decent sale price siteing the house itself and the decline of property value in that neighborhood, Martina said "don't worry" and it only took us 2 days to know, we did not have to worry. From start to finish the house sold in under three months, she negotiated expertly and here is the best part of all, because of all of her help the house appraised at market value and because of her expertise and negotiation skills that is what it sold for for!!! We neverrr imagined we could get the sale price we did, in fact we were told by realtors we definetly could not, but Martina got it done. She not only met but far exceeded all of our expectations and not just the sale price but the time it took from start to finish. When Martina says she markets aggressively you can take that to the bank, and I mean literally! If she was able to do that with what we had what in the world can she do with your home. I just have to say if anyone out there is looking to buy or sell you are missing out if you don't get Martina.

-Debra Chayko

Working with Martina was wonderful. Martina listened to what I was looking for in a house. She found some amazing houses to show us. One of them was the perfect house for us. She is very detailed in her work and everything was clear and concise. I am so happy we got to work with Martina. I  recommend her to everyone I know looking for a house.

-Bex Chaves

Martina was amazing!!! She was the second agent I spoke with, and I am so glad I chose her. Just her overall attentiveness to what I was looking for and needed in a home was truly genuine. From start to finish she was in my corner, NEVER left my side. Even on her busy days of showing properties,  she still made time to return calls and answer all questions. This was my first home purchase and she made it super easy. If I ever wanted to purchase another home, she will be my agent!

-Turquoise King

I have bought and sold 3-4 homes over my lifetime and I have never encountered a Real Estate Agent like Martina. She is by far the best agent I have ever seen or experienced. The two main things I liked were her responsiveness and her command of the whole process. For instance, I can't recall  where I had to wait for more than 5-10 minutes for answers to my questions and the majority of questions were answered sooner than that. Secondly, once we chose the house we wanted to make an offer on, we basically just let Martina run with the whole process. From initial negotiations, (which she was fantastic, getting concessions on things I had not considered before), to ordering inspections, working with a financer, all we really had to do was sit back and watch her do her thing. It was 3 weeks from offer to close, unheard of !

-Michael Cenedella

Martina was very professional but most importantly honest. I provided her with my criteria towards my new home, she responded with 3 houses schedule for viewing the very next day. Definitely coming back for my future home buying needs. 5/5 would recommend!


Martina Erdmeier was extremely helpful and she made the process of buying my first home very easy. She was also very knowledgeable of the area and provided great advice about different neighborhoods and school districts so that I could make an informed decision before purchasing.


Martina made my home buying experience sooo much smoother than I ever thought it could be. She understood exactly what I was looking for and was always answering any questions I had in an incredibly quick time. I would absolutely recommend her to ANYONE I know that would be selling or buying a home.

-Kristen and Brett

Martina did a great job. She was patient, listened to our needs and desires and knew the area. She helped us find our home and provided excellent support throughout the entire process. You won't find anyone better!

-Shawn Perry

I can not begin to say enough about Martina. She was able to guide us through the process of being first time home buyers as well as going through the entire process from Europe. She was able to provide us with useful and timely advice along the way. She has gone well above and beyond anything that   would be expected from a normal realtor/client relationship and has made us feel as if we were a family member. I would not recommend anyone else but Martina to anyone relocating to the area.


Martina was outstanding! She knew every detail of the process of home buying which was a world of help for us first time buyers, Martina was thorough with explanation and rapid to assistwith our constant questions! Without her we would not have found and got the home of our dreams. Thank you so   much for all you did for us!

-Jon Leonard